High Oleic Advantage

Health Benefits

High oleic refers to the quality of the oil not the quantity of oil. Vegetable oils are composed of fatty acids. High oleic is a reference to the chemical composition of the oil. A fatty acid is a carbon chain with a carboxyl group on one end. The carbon chain may be 2 carbons or many carbons linked together with single bonds or double bonds. Single bond carbon chains are most stable and are referred to as saturates or saturated fats. Carbon chains that may contain 1 or more double bonds are less stable and referred to as unstaturates or unstaturated fats. The more double bonds the more unstable. Unstable fats and oils tend to have shorter shelf life and break down into components that result in a rancid or stale flavor and unhealthy oxidation by-products. Normal or low oleic peanut oil is composed of as much as 30% linoleic acid which has 2 double bonds and is quite unstable.

Extending Product Shelf-life

Since high oleic oils have lower levels of polyunsaturates, these oils are more shelf stable and less susceptible to oxidation. This provides for reduced off flavors and rancidity. By using high oleic peanuts in manufactured peanut products there is sustained acceptable flavor without adding preservatives and stabilizers. This results in improved quality and reduced cost.

Health Benefits

It has long been known that not all fats and oils are equal in quality for health and for function. It has also long been known that fats high in mono-unsaturates, as in olive oil, are beneficial to cardiovascular health. A clinical study published in 1986 showed mono-unsaturates to be as effective in reducing serum cholesterol as low-fat diets (Grundy, 1986). Olive oil is high in mono-unsaturated fatty acids, specifically Oleic. Olive is in the genus Olea and this is where oleic acid got its name. High oleic peanut oil has an equal percentage of mono-unsaturates as olive oil and can have a higher percentage. Clinical studies have shown measurable health benefits of high oleic peanut oil.

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