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AgResearch Consultants Inc., also known as ACI Seeds, was established in 2001 by Dr. Kim Moore, Peanut Breeder, the founding objectives and mission of ACI Seeds have been focused on development of high oleic peanut varieties adapted to all regional U.S. and global peanut production areas. ACI Seeds further extends its rich peanut development expertise by way of effective consulting for commercial development and production of peanuts in the US and abroad.

In support of the breeding development program and monitoring of internal quality control, ACI Seeds maintains an in-house up to date testing laboratory. The lab also provides services to the greater peanut industry. 

With its own extensive seed germplasm collection, extensive global research efforts and domestically developed varieties, ACI Seeds likely has a variety to meet your needs. Currently there are over 10 unreleased very promising pre-commercial varieties in our pipeline with superior performance characteristics specific to the US markets and abroad. ACI Seeds expects commercial quantities of these next generation seeds to be in grower fields within 2 to 3 years. 



All ACI peanut seed varieties are developed using traditional plant breeding techniques of hand cross pollination and hand plant selection for uniform line development and evaluation.  None of ACI varieties were developed using GMO techniques.

Our People


Dr. Kim Moore

President, Research Director and Peanut Breeder.

Kim has been breeding peanuts for over 35 years and has released or co-released 23 varieties including Runner, Spanish, and Virginia market types.


Mark Carden

ACI Agronomist and Sales and Marketing Manager

Mark is our field agronomist / consultant and seed marketing manager. He is also manages commercial seed production, international sales, shipping and regulatory compliance for seed and commercial non-seed peanut products.


Dr. Shasidhar Yaduru

Molecular Geneticist and Breeder

Dr. Shasidhar Yaduru is our molecular plant breeder. He has a Ph.D. in Plant Genetics from Osmania University with research at ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for Semi-Arid Tropics), India. He also had research experience at UGA (University of Georgia) studying disease resistance in peanuts. He is leading our molecular marker development and marker-assisted breeding programs.


Jose Hernandez

Research Technician

Matt Moore

ACI Operations Manager

Matt has been involved with or directed all field projects for the last 16 years and is an integral part of the variety development and seed production for ACI seeds. He is skilled in field operations, seed processing, handling, and specialized field research equipment. He provides consulting services to our peanut production startup clients as well.


Dr. Linda Moore

Director of Laboratory Services

Linda has a PhD from the University of Florida in Food Science and Human nutrition with extensive experience in laboratory analysis of food and food nutrients.

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